Mastercut Diamond

Mastercut Diamond

The Mastercut diamond has been created for us by Jean Paul Tolkowsky. The Tolkowsky family have seven generations of diamond cutting knowledge, Marcel Tolkowsky created the Brilliant cut and the Ideal cut diamond, and Gabi Tolkowsky cut the DeBeers Centenery diamond - the worlds largest D colour Flawless diamond at 273 carats and the Golden Jubilee diamond the worlds largest at 545 carats.

The Mastercut diamond is a perfectly proportioned and perfectly symmetrical diamond with 89 facets, 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond, and uses a crown break to disperse light through the crown (the top part of the stone). An elongated pavilion (bottom part of the stone) then focuses the light onto a unique and clearly visible star which has been faceted into the culet, which directs light back up through the crown and table. The increased light dispersion allows your Mastercut diamond to perform with phenomenal brilliance and amazing fire.

Five jewellery collections have been created specifically for Mastercut and are available only through Equinox being a member of the Company of Master Goldsmiths.

All Mastercut diamonds come with the very highest standards of ethical and socially responsible production, and are sold with the highest guarantees. This includes the fact that the stones have not been treated in any way, are not synthetic and are conflict free. All Mastercut diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources and polished in award winning facilities. Giving extra reassurance to our customers, each Mastercut diamond is sold with its own IGI gem lab certificate providing grading and complete traceability back to its start as a rough stone.

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