In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró made their first creations in an experimental Moorish furnace built at their home in Almássera (Valencia). They developed their artistic interest while they worked in a tile and crockery factory. Their first carefully designed pieces had a special charm that soon awakened public interest.

Every Lladro creation today begins with an artistic inspiration. The sculptor then makes the first sketch of the new figure in clay, which is examined and approved by the Creativity Committee, one of whom comes from the Lladró family. The sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mould, which will in turn become the definitive mould for the porcelain figurine. A large team of craftsmen contribute to developing Lladró sculptures, making each of them unique: painters, ornamentalists and flower artists share their knowledge and expertise to create a piece with the highest artistic and technical quality.

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